Westcountry Rivers

Bring Water to Life

Westcountry Rivers

Bring Water to Life

Westcountry Rivers

Bring Water to Life

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Why do #RiversMatter..?

Wildlife & Nature

Rivers are great places to enjoy spectacular wildlife & spend time in nature

Learning in Nature

Rivers are inspiring places & we learn more outdoors & ‘hands-on’ with nature

Water for Drinking

RIvers are vital sources of the life-giving water that we all need to survive

Health & Wellbeing

Being in nature, especially near water, makes us healthier, happier & more productive

Leisure & Culture

Steeped in history, rivers are vital cultural & recreational resources

Food We Eat

Water brings life to the land & is a vital resource for food production

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Guest blog by Chris Benfield: Talking Walkham

Between 1724 and 1727, the author of Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe, published three volumes of essays called A Tour Through The Whole Island of Great Britain. He came down the north coast of Devon and paused at the Tamar to note that the common people around it and... read more

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You can help Westcountry rivers bring water to life

We are not always aware of it, but the natural world we live in sustains us all as we live our lives. Spending time in the natural world; breathing fresh air, watching light reflected on water or experiencing the joy that comes from spending a moment among wildlife, makes us happier, healthier and perhaps more prosperous as well.

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